Fiance Visa

Is it preferable to obtain a K-1 visa or a CR-1 visa?

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Since no marriage is required – assuming that all requirements are met – the K-1 visa process can be started immediately. Further, the K-1 visa does not require the submission of an application to the NVC. As such, generally, the processing time for a K-1 visa is shorter than that for a CR-1 visa. This often means that the fiancé(e) is able to enter the United States earlier with a K-1 visa than with a CR-1 visa. After entry to the United States, a K-1 visa holder must get married; file an application for permanent residence (‘green card’) and be interviewed by the USCIS. The K-1 visa holder cannot be legally employed until the USCIS issues either an employment authorization document (work permit) or conditional residence card (‘green card’). The CR-1 visa holder, however, is a resident of the United States immediately upon entry and not subject to the same restrictions.