You are a permanent resident and you are eligible for naturalization (U.S. citizenship).

How Do I Become a U.S. Citizen?

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows a permanent resident to apply for naturalization (U.S. citizenship). First, you file an application for naturalization (U.S. citizenship) along with required documentation with the USCIS Service Center. The USCIS will issue a receipt for the application then schedule you to be fingerprinted at the closest USCIS District Office. The USCIS performs a background check. Once the background check is complete and the results are satisfactory, the USCIS schedules you for an interview at the USCIS District Office.

The interview is conducted. The USCIS approves the application for naturalization (U.S. citizenship). After you have taken the oath of allegiance, the USCIS issues you a certificate of naturalization (U.S. citizenship) and collects your permanent resident card.

A review of the facts of your specific situation is required to determine whether you can file an application for naturalization (U.S. citizenship). The naturalization (U.S. citizenship) process is complicated and time-consuming. We suggest the retention of an experienced immigration attorney well versed in the complexities of the process. The attorneys at CLG can efficiently guide you through each step of the process with the end goal of obtaining a certificate of naturalization (U.S. citizenship) as quickly as possible.

Additional Questions?

If you are unfamiliar with what is required, you may wish to take a moment to learn more about the naturalization (U.S. citizenship) process, to review the requirements for naturalization (U.S. citizenship), the associated naturalization (U.S. citizenship) fees and the timelines for the application process.