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If you are stressed and anxious about your immigration work, believe me, I was too! I don't want to get into details of my case complexity, however I just want to say that Paul proved to be a true Godsend for me! I was new in Seattle and I had no idea where to begin from. I read Paul's reviews online and I also contacted some other lawyers in the area. Somehow my heart wanted me to believe all the great reviews Paul had and hence choose Paul as my Immigration attorney. I have to say that there are few things in life that one can be proud of, for me one of those things was to find Paul :)In our first meeting, he was very honest and straight-forward, but still very friendly and supportive. After he took my case, everything was a breeze! After filing, he was always an email or a call away to assuade away any concerns. However, he really shone when the interview date came! He accompanying me to the interview made everything so much easier and stress-free! He reviewed everything all documents all concerns and also Civics tests questions making sure his Client must clear everything with Flying Colors which I did. Moreover his funny sense of humor makes a serious difference!!!(PS: I think he should start charging more for his amazing service that he provides for people with immigration interview level stress :D)He was literally friends with the interviewer and the staff! I felt that the entire office had so much respect for him and his clients! My interview was a walk in the park! As an icing on the cake, Paul made the interviewer have my oath taking on the same day! I walked out with my naturalization certificate like a champ, thanks to Paul!In short he is very ambitious, great communication and people skills, kind to others and most important is that his presence at the interview makes you feel safe!So friends "Better Call Paul"!!! 🙂read more
lmehjabeen abid
22:04 19 Nov 18
Mr Choquette successfully got me through the complex process of applying for a Green Card sponsored by a business ten years ago. Given how things are changing rapidly with Immigration these days I requested his services again for my naturalization. During the lengthy waiting times, especially with the naturalization, Mr Choquette was very diligent with communications addressing concerns and setting expectations about the process. I also have to say that he was a great ‘coach’ right before the final interview calming my nerves down. I strongly recommend his very experienced and professional service. I can attest that he gets the job done all the way to more
Alf PG
21:04 09 Oct 18
The visa process is very convoluted with many details that the US embassy and the foreign embassy will not directly state what they require for a visa. Having Paul and his experience on our side was what helped us acquire our visa. We had tried and failed a previous K-1 attempt, but with Paul’s help we were able to reapply and successfully pass all parts of the process. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who is attempting to attain a more
Jim F
09:07 07 Oct 18
I recommend working with Paul Choquette in immigration cases. My husband and I worked with Paul for help with my residency case. I am from Colombia, and got married to my husband who is a US citizen, and we decided we'd like to live here in the US, so we came to Paul for help because we've never done anything like this before. When I arrived to the US I was only staying here for two months, but the plan changed when my now husband proposed. Paul was very friendly and transparent about the whole process, and demonstrated to have good values. He made this process hassle-free for us. We had to provide some information to be able to file the case, but we didn't have to deal with any confusing forms or anything like that. Paul and his team took care of everything for us. Paul also met with us to explain the whole process to us so we would know what to expect. If you are filing for residency, you need to be very patient, there's only so much you or the attorney can do in terms of the duration of your case or when you get called in for an interview at the USCIS. After filing, the duration of your case is really totally up to the government. If you apply for a work authorization, that's the only thing that seems to be processed like clockwork. My husband and I waited a total of 16 months from the day we filed to the day we got the approval. Throughout the months, we had quite a few questions so we called and emailed Paul for clarification and he would always get back to us within 24 hours. Prior to our interview, Paul took the time to review our documentation and explain again how the interview usually works so that we would be totally prepared. We got approved! In summary, Paul is a very professional and diligent immigration attorney who has extensive experience in his field, is friendly, and responsive. Thank you for all the help, Paul!read more
Maleja Zapata
02:32 04 Oct 18
Paul Choquette is a Godsend when dealing with Immigration and Visa processes. He is timely, realistic with expectations and responds quickly to any requests. He works with professionalism and puts you at ease with understanding the process and what you need to do in order to make your journey a bit easier. I highly recommend him for any visa related servicesread more
Byron Fester
21:12 24 Sep 18
Paul Choquette is an experienced Lawyer who helped me obtain my Green Card 21 years ago. He is professional, knowledgeable and good to work with for any immigration related matters. His fees are reasonable for his services. Recently, I returned to him with an inquiry about the immigrant visa process for my cousin. He gave me valuable advice on how to progress with this process. I definitely recommend Paul Choquette to anyone with any immigration issues, I reassure you, he will get through. He easily deserves my 5 Stars!read more
John Kwesele
19:38 09 Sep 18
Paul Choquette has been extremely helpful with my green card case. He is very responsive and great at communications. I am so glad I chose to work with him and I am extremely happy with the resolution of my case. I definitely recommend him.Thank you Paul Choquette ??read more
Muhammad Alraddadi
02:27 08 Sep 18
I felt that he spent a bit much time in the initial consult selling his expertise with attitude (why? we were already there waiting for him to start doing his lawyer thing already) but his responses to our emails have been concise, to-the-point, and prompt (usually within 1 day, no more than 2). And he got the job done, so that's a thumbs up from more
Sun Kyung Ham
18:00 07 Sep 18
Paul is very knowledgeable and passionate with immigration law. I got my conditional green card from him few years ago, and I am still asking for his advice when renewing my green card now. He is also very friendly to LGBT immigrants! I have recommended him to my friends many times. Best immigration lawyer in Seattle area!!!read more
Jiashu Du
16:35 06 Sep 18
I definitely recommend Paul if you are looking for a knowledgable and skillful immigration lawyer. He handled my case with ease, kept me well informed of the expectations, the options, and the process. He was very patient and when I faced some issues with my employer during the process he was prompt to support me and made sure that the right information was available to them, helping me avoid any unnecessary more
Marco Viniegra
20:13 01 Sep 18
I have known Paul Choquette for more than twenty years and have been using his services since 1999. I strongly recommend this firm as he is an impeccable attorney. Recently I got my Green card after he put so many efforts in my immigration case and spent hundreds of hours. Not only is Paul professional but he is also a great person. I would recommend his immigration more
Ivaylo Martchev
03:56 11 Aug 18
I found Paul after lots of research online due to a difficult issue with H1B extension. Paul is very professional and sharp. The moment we were on the call, he went straight to my case, helped me understand the situation, and provided me ideas and strategies on how to solve my urgent problem. Since H1b filing is through my employer, he also took his evening time to talk with the lawyer at my workplace. There is no doubt that he genuinely cares about his clients. Surprisingly, when I asked him the fee I should pay, he said that he does not charge a consultation fee. He is not only a lawyer with competency, but also a great lawyer with genuine care for his clients. I strongly recommend him as your more
Eliza Zhang
05:27 23 Jun 18
This is the best immigration law firm in my opinion. If you want the best lawyer working on your case, this is the place.Paul Choquette provided professional advice on my green card filing. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. From the first conversation, he correctly predicted what to anticipate in my case. His expertise gave me confidence to continue with the firm, immediately after I talked with him.He helped me during the interview process and advised me on the process followed. He is very supportive and handled the procedure smoothly. He impressed me not only with the professionalism, but also with the art of communication as an outstanding attorney.This firm is a good professional team with outstanding leadership and talented professionals.Thanks Paul!read more
Destiny Haight
16:48 21 Jun 18
Paul Choquette of Choquette Law group worked with us to help obtiain our H1b visa along with a H4 visa for my wife. When the time came to apply for the green card we used Paul as we found him to be extremely knowledgeable in Visa law, very thorough and works efficiently. Paul is also very personable and friendly. Even when we hit a few hurdles along the way Paul was always there to advise us and help to work to achieve our goals. We got green card approval and are waiting for our cards to arrive!!We would highly recommend Paul and his law firm for any Visa help and green card applications.Thanks Paul!read more
Rocky Pannu
01:45 18 Jun 18
Mr. Choquette provides excellent guidance through the entire immigration process. He is great with follow ups and timely. He is very knowledgeable and makes the complicated process easy to follow. I strongly recommend his services. We are very thankful for his more
Kashmira Singh
03:30 11 Jun 18
I was applying for employment-based permanent residency and had interviewed several attorneys prior to choosing Paul Choquette . During our initial consultation, it became apparent that he had exceptional expertise and was able to anticipate questions I had asked other attorneys with a preemptive explanation of the plan and course of action for my case. Indeed, my intuition was correct. A significant complication arose with my application that would have meant the denial of my application if it were not for Paul's skill level. His experience and fund of knowledge from a legal and a 'systems' standpoint is first rate. He is a clear and direct communicator who answers calls quickly and reliably - even on the weekends. He is proactive, a fast algorithmic thinker, and is always"two steps ahead", such that issues that are unexpected by most have been thought of and prepared for by more
Sarah Lee
16:54 05 Jun 18
We needed an immigration attorney to help us apply for an adjustment of status based on marriage. I found Atty Paul Choquette on Google search as he had great ratings and reviews by previous clients. And read all the positive and excellent reviews about his service. Now I can see why there are so many positive testimonials about Atty Paul. Now that we had gone through the whole process, I can't wait to add another positive review and experience to his profile. He is truly AMAZING!! Atty Paul was a pleasure to work with from the initial consultation until the day our case was approved for Green Card. He was always very accessible, responsive, and reliable, and was an extremely very knowledgeable and what to expect from the process of our case from start to finish. He is very supportive to us and handles the procedure smoothly. We finally cleared the interview two days ago under his expert guidance. He made our immigration journey stress free and having him next to me, my daughter and my husband at our interview made us feel confident since he is very competent. We remain very grateful for your expertise, professionalism, and kindness. HE IS THE BEST!!! Thank you for all that you have done for us. We highly recommend your service to all that are reading this. THANK YOU ATTY PAUL FOR EXCELLENT WORK!!read more
Vivian Osejo
00:28 12 May 18
Working with Paul is a real pleasure. Not only is he knowledgeable, experienced and very rigorous, he also is a warm and charismatic individual who genuinely cares about the individuals he works with. Paul is clear and concise in his explanations, and will go the extra mile in any situation. We've truly felt like we were in good hands throughout the entire more
Jonathan Lavoie-Lévesque
19:40 24 Apr 18
Paul was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, empathetic, and understood exactly how to tackle our case. He listened well, he developed and communicated a strategic approach, he coached us, and we succeeded. Thanks to Paul, we are starting our lives together. We would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an attorney who listens, is responsive and who is dedicated to representing your best more
Rodrigo Boldrin
04:12 24 Apr 18
My wife and I are so happy that we chose Paul to be our lawyer during our green card process. He is super professional which made the entire process to be smooth. We definitely recommend him. My wife now has her green card and we couldn’t be happier!read more
Ron Hawks
03:18 10 Apr 18
Not sure where to start... Paul has just been amazing from the beginning to the end. He was even more than helpful early on, even before we agreed to hire Paul. We had many questions that he pleasantly and honestly answered. He was quick to return all phone calls and emails. It was this alone that sealed the deal. We hired him. We have never regretted our decision. He always made sure that we knew where we were on our journey. A journey it will be. He has always made sure that we were more than prepared. Sometimes it may of seemed the amount of paperwork was insurmountable, but he walked us through every step of the way. He makes sure that he is beyond prepared. There are no surprises. He has done this before and knows what to expect. I always appreciated his honesty! He truly wants the best for you and it shows. We were always treated like we were his only clients, even though we knew we weren’t. Never rushed. I honestly can’t say enough about Paul and his business. I will highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking help and needs someone they can always rely upon.Thank you again Paul for everything that you have done for me and my more
Andy Lappier
18:54 27 Mar 18
Not sure where to begin, YES! This attorney has went above and beyond for my husband and I. I could not have picked a better attorney for the job! Everything went smooth because of him! We would pick him over and over again for immigration! Words cannot accurately describe my happiness with this attorney! My husband and I can finally begin our lives together because of this law office! You will not go wrong choosing this attorney. He is the right man, with so much experience in immigration! Please choose this law group! You will not ever regret it! We love you Mr. Paul Choquette! We are literally crying our eyes out because my husbands paperwork was approved today! All because of you! You are the best attorney, and we wish you the best life has to offer! You have done such a fantastic job! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! If I could give you 100 stars I would!read more
Wendy Griffin
16:41 16 Mar 18
My husband and I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney! While the immigration process can be stressful and difficult to navigate, he made the experience so much easier. He is knowledgeable, confident, efficient, and kind. After speaking with other lawyers and meeting Paul, we knew he would be a great fit. He thoroughly explained every step of the process and ensured that we were adequately prepared as we progressed. Because of this, my immigration to the US went very smoothly and we are extremely appreciative of the work he did while working with more
Laura Hicks
23:40 28 Feb 18
My husband and i had a great experience by hiring Paul Choquette. We strongly recommend him if you are looking for immigration attorney. My husband and i decided to contact Paul and hire him to assist our CR-1 visa after we had great disappointment with the previous lawyer who had neglected our visa application process for about 2 months 🙁 .We found Paul is very professional , friendly, detailed , straightforward, and very responsive. He never left us with any questions unanswered. He guided us through the process easily. We had a phone call just a day before my Interview day , i was nervous for Interview but Paul knew how to make me feel comfortable during the interview and he has good sense of humor that helped me to feel calm. And here i am in Seattle happily reunited with my Husband and i already got my green card. I never see Paul in person but thanks again for helping more
Sisilia T
21:55 28 Feb 18
Better Call Paul! We worked with Paul to obtain my husband’s immigrant visa. Even though the process is complicated and stressful, Paul helped us navigate through multiple hoops and continued to reassure us along the way. He helped us find balance when we ran into unforeseen roadblocks. We were living in Brazil during the application process and Paul was always available via email or phone when we needed to speak with him. When the application process changed and we were at a standstill, he reached out to the National Visa Center and was able to help us expedite our visa interview. Paul’s demeanor is direct, and yet approachable, and when we needed it, he provided us with comic relief in stressful moments. We are extremely grateful for Paul’s professionalism and his organization with our case; it is because of Paul that my family is together and happily living in Seattle. Thank you!read more
Tracy Andersen
16:58 01 Feb 18
We are very grateful to have found Paul Choquette and to be able to work with him! We highly recommend him to anyone! I was not sure where to begin when looking for a lawyer but immediately after speaking with him, I was assured and confident in his knowledge, integrity, and abilities. He has efficiently helped us navigate a seemingly daunting immigration process, guiding us through each step and carrying most of the leg work along the way, taking much of the burden off of us! He is very personable and available for any questions that have come up. It is truly hard to imagine trying to do all that he has done for us on our own. He is thorough, efficient, extremely knowledgeable and an expert at what he does!read more
Ashley Waplinger
03:33 27 Jan 18
After extensive research and interviewing quite a few other lawyers I finally contracted Choquette Law Group and I've been very happy with the results. Paul C. is very knowledgeable, experienced and an absolute professional. Anything with immigration and governmental policies can be easily confusing and daunting but having Paul's expertise on your side will definitely ease the process. He is honest, upfront, responsive and a very friendly personality, and guided me throughout the process with ease. Highly recommend him for professional legal services!read more
T. P.
13:26 06 Jan 18
I've worked with multiple attorneys in the past, and I can say without a doubt that Paul Choquette is the leading immigration attorney in our state. Paul's knowledge of immigration law, his integrity, and attention to detail are second to none. Paul continually answered questions for us over the past year in a clear and concise manner, never leaving us with any questions unanswered.Paul will tell you up front that if there is not enough evidence to support your cause or if he feels that there is any illegitimacy, he will not take your case as he prides himself on the clients he represents and his perfect record of success with clients winning their case. If you cannot appreciate that about an attorney, he may not be for you. I challenge you to find a better immigration attorney in the more
Trevan Parkison
17:03 15 Dec 17
UPDATED!I used Paul for my naturalization application. My case was a complex one and Paul navigated the system like no other. He is extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and kept me informed regularly of all the progress he was making. He came with me to the actual interview and his presence, his experience, and everything he said during the interview sealed the deal with the naturalization official. A year later, I enlisted Paul's help in applying for an immigrant visa for my mother. This process coincided with all three Trump travel bans. It was a difficult journey for me and my family but I am so glad that we had Paul on our side. With Paul's help, we got the immigrant visa approved and she arrived as a Green Card holder on the day that the third version of the travel ban was coming into effect.He was a call away, every time I needed him. Paul, thank you!read more
Pedram Rezaei
20:33 07 Dec 17
My husband contacted him the day after the elections and he was extremely helpful and clear about the way that he works. We didn’t need to think twice to choose him after our first meeting. Anytime we had any kind of questions he will respond immediately by phone or email. Paul knows exactly what he is doing without doubts and for this kind of situations you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Also the dates he told us to expect to receive notifications in the mail were almost the exact days that we actually got them. I’m Mexican and with all the situations that we are leaving now a day, I highly recommend Paul for immigration stuff, he make us feel calm and now thanks to him, less than a year later I have my green card and I can leave the country to go to Mexico with my more
Sofi Sanchez
06:31 28 Nov 17
I contacted Paul the day after the 2016 presidential election because my wife (then girlfriend) is from Mexico. As I’m sure many people were at the time, we were scared as to what would happen with the new president coming into office in only 3 months time. I left a message that day with Paul and he called me back within two hours. He was very clear and thorough in his explanation of the marriage green card process and timeline and not long after that we met him in person and hired him. Throughout the whole process Paul was transparent and led us step by step in acquiring all the documents and paying all the fees. Anytime I had a question and sent him and email or voicemail it seemed like he would always respond either the same day or next day. He also accompanied us to our interview and about 10 months after filing our paperwork, my wife received her green card. Under the circumstances I can’t see any other immigration attorney doing a better job than Paul. I found him based on reading all the 5 star Google reviews and I hope that mine will encourage other people to contact him. I certainly would not hesitate to hire him again if we ever need more immigration help. If you ever have immigration issues, you better call Paul!read more
Andrew Bialor
06:30 28 Nov 17
My husband and I had a great experience by hiring Paul Choquette! We did our research online prior to deciding to contact Paul. All the great reviews turned out to be true. We hired him to assist us with obtaining a green card for my husband. This seemed to be a scary request with the travel ban taking place right when we hired him, but he successfully navigated us through the process. My husband is from a middle eastern country I want to add. It took about a year, but that was due to an increase in applications in WA State. Paul guided us step by step and he took all of our calls and emails in a timely manner as well. He is a personable lawyer that is skilled. Hire him!read more
Natalie Williams
21:55 19 Nov 17
Paul is amazing! I don't know what we would do without all his help. He made a very complicated, long and tough process go smooth and easy for us. We knew exactly what to expect because he gives you just enough information about what you need to know and what to do. Me and my husband are both not very good with organising documents and such. But with Paul's very clear, specific directions, we were fully prepared for every step. We are so grateful for all he has done and being very responsive when we had any question at all during the whole process from beginning to the very end. There will be absolutely no question marks in your head when you work with Paul. He was there for us at every step of the process from A to Z and he made sure we were always informed constantly. We highly recommend his more
Ezgi Cohen
02:24 17 Nov 17
My husband and I did a lot of research before finally finding Paul. He immediately stood out from the other immigration lawyers we spoke with and proved to be an incredible help throughout the green card application, treating us like members of the family from the first moment we sat down at his office. His command of the process, paperwork and timeline is remarkable and quickly inspires confidence. When it came down to the interview itself he did everything he could to help us feel at ease, making the waiting experience an honest to god pleasure. I couldn't recommend Paul enough. My husband and I are tremendously grateful and will always hold a special place in our hearts for Choquette Law more
03:47 16 Nov 17
Paul came recommended by a good friend. He is attentive and promptly responds to all questions, no matter how small. I am happy to say I just became a citizen with his guidance and help through the daunting application process. I highly recommend his more
Catherine Wilson
19:34 19 Oct 17
Awesome lawyer! Hands down the best in Seattle. Helped with the greencard application. Understands the legal immigration systems, up to date with all the continuous changes, and communicates very well. Explained the process clearly, kept the environment fun, and most importantly was always there. Will make sure you have all the docs checked. If you email with any questions, he will be the one to respond, and very timely - Not a paralegal or an admin but the lawyer himself. Had a great time working with him and will def recommend him as the go-to person in the city!!read more
Surabhi Agrawal
12:17 19 Oct 17
Hands down, Paul and his team are the best lawyers in the Seattle area. Their level of understanding and knowledge of the immigration law is outstanding, but on top of that they are honest, profesional and they care deeply about you.My wife and I consider ourselves incredible lucky to ending up working with Paul, because since the moment we meet him, he give us certainty and clarity of all the ups and downs of the process, give us piece of mind and his advice was always on point. Our case was a success, like he predicted 20 minutes after we meet him.With all due honesty, we cannot recommend enough Paul Choquette as your immigration more
Juan Jose Karam
04:29 13 Oct 17
After starting my wife's immigration process and paperwork on my own at first, I found there were questions and concerns that needed a professional guiding hand. I could not have been more happy in Paul's help, he took his time explaining the process and answered questions we had. Our process want smoother and he made sure all our documents and requests were met and filed. Do yourself a favor, if you need an immigration lawyer, talk with Paul, he's worth it. My wife has received her visa is is arriving....we will more
LeChaDe James
21:05 29 Sep 17
Mr. Paul is the best attorney in Seattle WA and if I were in your shoes, I would bag this amazing attorney to take my case and if he does take your case you're really really lucky. Let me share my experience briefly; I am Jordanian Muslim who lived in California for 6 years then moved to Seattle 2016. I have been reading online about immigration since 2010, I spoke to more than 50 lawyers, therefore; I really know about immigration very well and attorneys. I had really really tough case, been married then divorced then married again...etc. drop my F1 visa status and had some issues with last school and ice police, I did a lot of stupid mistakes as a foreigner being in the US and I was never expected to get my green card that fast.Mr. Paul explains everything in details, he did everything for me, I highly recommend him, he is so amazing, except and very professional. He knows what he's doing and he can help you and your family to stay in the US. Trust me on this, he is the best of the best!!!! read more
Alex Nazzal
08:21 17 Aug 17
I have known Paul and have been using his services for any immigration issues since 2001. All my cases (Green card, US citizenship and my mother's green card) are rather complicated but Paul always prepare for any expected issues and had 100% successful cases without any worries. He is a trusted and respected lawyer... He is the BEST! I highly recommend him as I call him "Immigration Lawyer for Life"!read more
Pinda Bazley
17:03 15 Mar 17
Paul is the absolute best. After researching a number of immigration lawyers, and after paying a ridiculous sum of money for an hour long consultation with a hot shot lawyer in Toronto (DO NOT MAKE OUR MISTAKE!), we were so relieved and thankful to find such a down to earth and grounded lawyer. Paul's initial consultation is free, and he has all of the time in the world to answer any questions or concerns you may have.My wife and I had a very complicated situation (think: previous marriage to a foreigner of the opposite gender who at one time had a permanent residency card, my wife and I lived in two different countries together, my wife lived in four different countries after turning the age of 18... etc, etc, etc.) but Paul made the entire process very easy and straightforward-- despite all of the complexities. Paul is very communicative, easy going, super responsive, and always has time to go over and thoroughly explain even the most seemingly repetitive and mundane items. His flat fee is 100% worth it, and is extremely affordable when all is said and done. This is a miserable process on so many levels, and we were so lucky to have Paul's guidance and expertise to help us through it. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. We can't thank Paul enough for everything. Absolutely recommended! He is the best!read more
16:29 24 Feb 17
paul Choquette took amazing care of my wife and I. Uneasy about where to start our whole immigration process, we reached out to Paul when we wanted to look into the next step of getting married and living together full time. Paul took the time to listen to our concerns and questions, and answered them gracefully. Any question on immigration Paul could answer with confidence and explain everything in detail. We would always leave feeling confident and educated about the process we were starting. If we needed to call him he would always get back timely, emails? Extremely timely. We appreciate Paul Choquette for not only taking the time and answering any question we had but for going through this whole process with us. From somebody who didn't know anything about the immigration process until we met Paul, I would recommend him to anybody who is going through this. He will take amazing care of more
Tj Bush
02:21 13 Feb 17
Paul is an excellent immigration attorney and I am so glad that we hired him for our case. After coming out the finish end of it all, I can see the things we would have missed or hit as roadblocks if we hadn't had his legal assistance and know-how. Paul knows the system inside out, has answers to every possible question, and is acutely attentive to detail. He is your lawyer, your advocate, and has a great sense of humor to boot that helps calm any undue nerves. He guided us through each step of the process with ease and it was a great soother of the mind to know that we had him as an ally. I would never hesitate to recommend Paul to others, he's definitely the lawyer for the more
Jessica Maria
20:53 28 Jan 17
Paul Choquette is THE BEST of all I have known in 7 years in the US. We received his services for immigration application. From the point of application to approval and even after approval, he has had been professional, courteous and no doubt, he is extremely knowledgeable about the laws/requirements. He will point out minor flaws and handles application with detail. I have done translations for several people with several attorneys. From my experience, he is the best experience. His fees are upfront, no charge for unnecessary consultation. And yes, because of his reputation, knowledge and confidence, he has never lost a single case out of thousands in last few years. I bet you he is the best. This is the end of your more
Vishal Kumar
01:03 15 Dec 16

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