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You married or will be married to a non-U.S. citizen (in another country) and your foreign spouse requires a marriage (immigrant) visa to enter the United States. Is your foreign spouse eligible to apply for a marriage (immigrant) visa?

What are the Requirements to Obtain a Marriage (Immigrant) Visa?

U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien

The person filing the petition must be a United States citizen either by birth or naturalization or a permanent resident of the United States. The processing time for issuance of a marriage (immigrant) visa is significantly longer if the person filing the petition is a permanent resident (as opposed to a U.S. citizen).

Marital Status

You and your spouse are legally married.

Marital Intent

You and your spouse have a genuine relationship and a bona-fide marriage.


The minor child(ren) must be under 18 at the time you were married and under 21 at the time of the issuance of the immigrant visa.

Financial Support

The person filing the petition must be able to demonstrate that s/he can financially support their foreign spouse and child(ren), that they fulfill the minimum financial support requirements or that they have a co-sponsor who does.

Criminal History

Your foreign spouse and child(ren) have not committed certain crimes.

Additional Questions?

More information about the specific requirements of obtaining a fiancé(e) visa is available on the marriage (immigrant) visa FAQs.