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Legal Services

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The CLG fixed fee covers all legal services up to the issuance of the marriage (immigrant) visa, regardless of the attorney time spent. The following illustrates the typical legal services undertaken by CLG during the immigrant visa process.

Initial Consultation

Fact finding, identification of potential issues, advice regarding your options and explanation of the marriage (immigrant) visa process and timeline.

USCIS Processing

Information and Document Collection

Online collection of the U.S. citizen and foreign spouse’s biographic information and the relevant documentation required for filing of the marriage petition and immigrant visa application(s).

Information and Document Review

Review of the biographic information and relevant supporting documentation provided by the U.S. citizen and their foreign spouse.

Marriage Petition Drafting

Drafting of the marriage petition and assembly of documentation for the U.S. citizen and foreign spouse’s final review and signatures.

Marriage Petition Filing

Filing (by courier) of the marriage petition and documentation with USCIS and acceptance of case receipt notice.

Case Monitoring

Monitoring of the case progress using scheduled online status inquiries and automatic email updates provided by the USCIS to ensure expeditious processing.


Responding promptly to USCIS requests for evidence and making certain that the approved marriage petition is forwarded in a timely manner to the National Visa Center (NVC).

Status Update and Advice

Providing clients with real time updates of changes in case status (at the USCIS level) as well as advice and response to client questions.

National Visa Center (NVC) Processing

Case Monitoring

Continued monitoring of case progress, ensuring that the NVC completes the background check of the foreign spouse, issues immigrant visa and Affidavit of Support fee invoices and forwards the approved marriage petition to the appropriate United States embassy or consulate.

Online Immigrant Visa Application Review and Affidavit of Support Drafting

Review of Online Immigrant Visa Application(s) and drafting of Affidavit of Support for the U.S. citizen’s signature.

Status Update and Advice

Continued real-time updates of changes in case status (at the NVC level) as well as advice and responses to client questions.

United States Embassy or Consulate Processing

Packet Preparation

Advice and specific instruction regarding the foreign spouse obtaining a medical examination at a designated facility, the documentation to be presented at the interview and payment of the USCIS immigrant fee.

Interview Preparation

Preparation of the foreign spouse for the immigrant visa interview including document review, embassy or consulate protocol, sample interview questions to expect and identification and resolution of potential issues.

Case Monitoring

Continued monitoring of case progress using direct communication with the United States embassy or consulate to ensure expeditious issuance of the immigrant visa(s).

How to Retain CLG

Free Consultation

If you are seriously considering the marriage (immigrant) visa process, please schedule a free consultation with a CLG attorney. The consultation consists of fact finding, identification of potential issues, advice regarding options, explanation of the process and timeline and discussion of fees. You may also wish to read “Why CLG?”