How does the foreign worker obtain an L-1 visa?

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Assuming the foreign worker is outside the United States and requires an L-1 visa to enter, after approval of the L-1 petition by the USCIS, the foreign worker must proceed to the United States embassy or consulate in their native country to obtain an L-1 visa before s/he will be admitted to the United States. Typically, in order to obtain the L-1 visa the foreign worker must provide the U.S. embassy or consulate with the original USCIS L-1 approval notice; a copy of the L-1 petition that was filed with the USCIS; a valid passport; confirmation of having completed form DS-160 online; and payment of the visa fee. The United States embassy or consulate will issue a machine readable L-1A or L-1B visa in the foreign worker’s passport valid for the same dates as indicated on the USCIS approval notice.