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Sample L-2 U.S. Embassy List

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At the interview, the consular officer will verify that all required documentation has been provided by the L-1 applicant’s spouse and/or child(ren).

The following is a sample list of the documentation required by the United States Embassy.

  1. Confirmation Page confirming completion of Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160) online.
  2. Payment of Nonimmigrant Visa Application Processing Fee ($190) for each applicant. Learn more about L-2 visa fees here.
  3. Passport with expiration date of at least 6 months beyond issuance of L-2 visa for each applicant.
  4. Color photograph (dimension of 2”x2”) of foreign worker.
  5. Original USCIS Notice of Action (Form I-797B) approving the L-1 petition.
  6. Copy of previously filed L-1 petition.
  7. Schedule visa interview appointment.

*All foreign language documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

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