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"Paul Choquette is an excellent choice for immigration law. He is timely in his responses, works cost effectively, and blends command of his specialty with a practical mindset. He gets things done, and I recommend him wholeheartedly."
- Chris M.

"Great success in handling complex immigration cases. Very careful to get the details right and craft a coherent strategy where one was needed."
- Peter Z.

"After dealing with several immigration attorneys who gave me poor advice and couldn't answer my questions, I found Paul through a previous client. The difference was night and day. Paul knows what he is talking about and gets things done."
- Allison B.

"I've retained him for my immigration needs numerous times. He always answers my questions thoroughly (and I have lots of them usually). His work is thorough, professional and timely. His fees are reasonable and if you consider the amount of 1-on-1 time you spend with him, it’s a steal."
- Jack C.

"Paul's knowledge and skill set are very difficult to find... trustworthy, honest, up front and a timely true professional are what comes to mind... ultimately its worth the peace of mind knowing you have Choquette on your side!"
- Jason D.

“Excellent at every step, explaining how the system works step by step, sitting down to listen to the client’s needs, explaining the cost at the beginning and letting us know how long it will take. He made himself available any time we called. Most of all giving us the full attention when we need to talk about the matter.
- Amita S.

“Paul was recommended to me by a colleague for whom he had successfully negotiated a TN Visa, which was what I needed. Paul was most helpful throughout the process. He outlined exactly what was needed, explained his process clearly, answered all my questions in a timely manner, and let me know what I could expect once I had submitted my application. Thanks to his thoroughness, knowledge and professionalism, my application for the visa was swiftly approved with no problems at all. I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone needing help with immigration or visa issues.”
- Avril L.

“Originally, Paul was referred by a close friend and former coworker. He and his wife retained Paul’s service initially for an L1, subsequent GC and then many years later for US Citizenship. Based on this referral, we also asked Paul to represent us. Paul was very forthcoming with what he could and could not do. We sought his advice for several years before proceeding with our application. He also provided options to remain in the US as we were here on an H, which would ultimately expire. Paul has very sound knowledge of the immigration process and provided us with tremendous insight and guidance throughout our successful application of our E-2 Visa. His attention to detail provided a great deal of confidence. We highly recommend Paul.”
- Vince O.

“Mr. Choquette is a lawyer who is very professional but truly cares about his clients and treats them as individuals and with respect. He is very knowledgeable about the law and how it affects people and he is supportive to them during times of emotional upheaval and struggle. In addition to this, Mr. Choquette has the ability to work with people from different backgrounds. For example, in my case Mr. Choquette had to work with different personal from our corporation, principal and teachers. His organization and communication skills are very good and straightforward and I have recommended Mr. Choquette to several friends and their cases ended up in success.”
- Rosa D.

“Paul was exceptional in preparing and coaching my company’s HR in the steps required for the greencard application. Paul new every aspect of the process and guided me through it with efficiency and accuracy.”
- Marc L.

“Paul handled all our immigration needs for last 4 years and everything was smooth and well handled.”
- Vadim T.

“Paul did a great job in the process of getting my new TN visa. The application documents and myself were well prepared and, as a result, the application went very smoothly and I got my new TN visa.”
- Yves T.

“My wife and I were referred to Mr. Choquette by friends who spoke highly of his services. At first we attempted to navigate the green card application process ourselves, but it can be daunting and thankfully we made the decision to hire Mr. Choquette to guide us through the application. He made us feel at ease from the start and was exceptionally thorough from beginning to end. My visa interview was a breeze, and I'm sure that was in large part due to the fact that our paperwork was well prepared and presented, thanks to Mr. Choquette. I would have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone going through this process.”
- Huw M.

“I recently used the services of Paul Choquette of Choquette Law Group, P.S. to apply and obtain an E2 investor visa for the USA. Being a Canadian and working with Paul in Seattle posed no problem whatsoever. Paul is very efficient; detail orientated and did a masterful job of assembling and applying for the E2 visa with the US consulate. My visit went very smooth in Vancouver and when I had my interview they were very impressed that I had assembled such a clear and concise package and they commented that I had a great lawyer. I highly recommend Paul Choquette to handle any immigration issues you may face today or in the future.”
- Arleigh L.