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Your company wishes to move forward with the labor certification process on behalf of a valued employee. Is the foreign worker eligible for labor certification?

What are the Requirements to Obtain Labor Certification?


The U.S. employer must attest that it is offering a full-time, bona fide and permanent position to the foreign worker.

Prevailing Wage

The U.S. employer must attest that it will pay the foreign worker at least the prevailing wage.

U.S. Workers

The U.S. employer must attest that there are no U.S. workers able, willing, qualified and available for the position.

U.S. Wages

The U.S. employer must attest that employment of the foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers.


The foreign worker must meet the requirements (educational, experience, training) for the position.

Additional Questions?

More information about the specific requirements of obtaining labor certification is available on the labor certification FAQs.